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Friday, July 1, 2011

It's been a while since i wrote sorry AND OMG I AM THE BEST!

SO! It has been a while since i wrote i am so sorry i have been totally busy with the studies and stuff haha but i am totally free now! hurray! :) I TOTALLY LIKE TOTALLY! ADORE THE NEW 2NE1 SINGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! could they look any hotter than this?!?!? IM SERIOUS THEY ARE AMAZING! naega jail jal na ga haha i cant believe how much they grew up.....they are one of the best kpop brands at the moment, i am sucha proud blackjack :) tho i have to say i hate so much,people accusing them to be illuminati i mean :/ seriously? not cool! i was into that stuff too but 2ne1? no way! :/ all i heard about is beats and super junior. YG Entertainment has its values and respect for stars who have incredibly high morals <3 that's what makes me fall inlove with 2ne1! :) LOVE YOU GIRLS YOU ROCK MY WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 HWAITING!                  

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Lonely-the song of the month-MAY

Now isn't this ballad lately something all the BlackJacks are happy to hear huh? The song really is nice....the prettiest one in  kpop lately if u ask autotune no anything,totally natural, u know when sones and other fans usually got to bash 2ne1 infront of everyone cuz of the autotune,and although all the blackjacks knew that 2ne1 cant sing is totally not true! we couldnt really deffend them...except Park Bom who had her singles, well thanks to this song 2ne1 totally made them shut up and actually LIKE THE SONG :) makes me happy that 2ne1 is able to make anyone simply love them....GIVE IT UP FOR LONELY! love u ladies :D <3

SIGHH fans in Phillipines will love this year.. many kpop bands will visit! haha starting from 2ne1...T-ara,Mblaq,SNSD, i mean wtf! moving from korea to Philli much! xD ah i envy so bad....i wonder if YGfamily will ever visit europe like SM town? i hope one day cuz i would literally totally DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE haha, i wish i could see them for once...i would go to the other part of europe if i had to i would visit them totally! convince my parents n all! woot woot :D :D i am convinced they would let me go for some for now i ll just keep reading twilight haha...and maybe download a movie later? listened to lonely and dont cry once again....every single day :D :D TO MY PHILLIPINES FRIENDS! HAVE FUN! :D <3

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Still impatiently waiting for the new album by 2ne1... news yet , i work for Hellokpop as a DJ so I will just try to ask the colegues who are writers?Plus i'm pissed do i find a way to promote my blog? sighhh i wish i had more readers xD thos its my 2nd day only! lol! oh well,good things come slow? i will get there soon :D i will find my blackjack mates hehe :) <3 I need to hear 2ne1 asap cuz everything that was released lately is crap (not including snsd believe it or not their album is good).. gonna be updated! :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Don't you wonder where did such love for corn the hell come from haha?!

2ne1 fact

Sandara Park is the one who was supposed to be the leader of the group...actually still don't get the whole thing how did CL become the leader...shes 19? maybe her talking skills? still patiently waiting for the comeback news.... I NEED THAT ALBUM NOW! AND I SHALL ORDER IT FROM THE YESASIA.COM! LOL! Did Park Bom do an eyelid plastic surgery tho? she looks WAY TOO DIFFERENT, i am her fanatic but wow....she is so pretty but she still looks like a doll...haha ah saranghe bom noona <3

I got through this year thanks to 2ne1

They really did.....2ne1 thaught me not to give a damn of what other people say :) " HATERS CAN NEVER SEE ME" CL has some good messages dudes :P ASIANS WE RISE WITH THE SUN! (tho im totally not asian haha well 1/4 but it's something huh?) Anyway,whenever i felt down i simply plugged my earphones in and turned on the 2ne1 full album from 1st song to the many amazing genres, makes one wanna dance and sleep at the same time. Meeting some evil people was a hardcore time but,believe it or not thanks to the 2ne1 ladies i got through it. Isn't it amazing how the stars..people you actually never met can be such moral support? do u ever feel that way? ... impossible not to be a BlackJack....